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Average drop rate in 2023: 1.7%

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Welcome To Our Instagram SMM Panel

Launched back in 2017, through hard work we became one of the best Instagram SMM panels. By using Instagram SMM panels before for our private projects as well as for our SMM agency, we saw how problematic most SMM panels were. From non-working services, wrong descriptions, drops and late updates, it was always just a matter of hours before the next issue. So, we started our own SMM panel and we started developing our own Instagram SMM services too. Our SMM panel is based on 3 cores factors: reliability, accuracy, and transparency.

We are the #1 Instagram SMM panel. We provide cheap Instagram SMM services such as followers, likes, comments and more. Additionally, all our services drop rates are monitored daily, and every service ensures permanent Instagram engagement with minimal drop rate. In fact, our average drop rate for 2023 was of just 1.7%.

#1 Cheap

Cheap pricing means more profit and more sales for our resellers. Our Instagram SMM panel boasts among the cheapest SMM rates in the industry. Followers starting at just $0.20 per 1000.

#2 Non-drop

We know how important is it that the followers or engagement does not drop. Hence we monitor drop rates and only provide 100% working Instagram services. You won’t lose clients anymore because of drops!

Specialty In The Instagram SMM Field

Instagram SMM services is what we always did and we still do. That’s what our team, from admins to developers, put daily focus on to monitor, improve, and make of the best SMM panel for Instagram!

OUR SMM Panel Features 👇


Instagram Followers

Our Instagram SMM panel offers a variety of high-quality followers, including real followers; what they all have in common is that they do not drop and have among market lowest pricing.

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Pricing: from $0.20

Instagram Likes

Find our wide range of Instagram likes options within our panel. Real likes from Ads, automatic likes, real likes from exchange apps. Non-drop tested and guaranteed.

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Pricing: from $0.04

Instagram Comments

Many SMM panels had issues delivering comments after the latest Instagram updates, but not us: the service has been working for years. Get non-drop, high-quality Instagram comments.

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Pricing: from $1.4

Instagram Verified

Being verified is an excellence symbol on Instagram. We have access to over 500 Instagram verified accounts, to provide non-drop engagement from verified accounts.

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Pricing: from $1.2

Instagram Views

Wether it is a video post, a reel or a story, on our Instagram SMM panel you find fast, non-drop views. What is interesting, is that we are one of the few panels who also offer high-retention Instagram views.

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Pricing: from $0.03

Instagram Automated

Set up Instagram automation subscriptions on our SMM panel, and have services to instantly start each time your account publishes something. Our automated services are optimized for reach.

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Pricing: from $0.44

and More!

Of course, more can be found on our Instagram SMM panel, from services to boost Instagram ranking and reach, to services for business owners who want to promote their services. All the services are visible upon sign-up, however, let us reveal a few more for you: saves, shares, multiple engagement from single accounts, leads scraping, mass DM, comment likes and replies, and 100% organic solutions. So, see you inside the SMM panel area!

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How To Use Our Instagram SMM Panel



First, register to our Instagram SMM panel. Sign-up is free, you just need to confirm your email and then you’ll have access to your private dashboard.



We provide several payment options to add funds to your account. These include cryptocurrency, credit cards, bank transfer and more.



Placing an order is as easy as providing your Instagram post/profile link, selecting quantity, and placing the order. There are several quality and cheap services to choose from.



And now? Well, that’s already it. Placing an order takes a few seconds, and within a few minutes, your order will already start automatically. Enjoy Instagram growth on autopilot with our powerful services!

Client's usage opinion +

After trying several SMM panels with issues on their Instagram services, our agency got a DM on Instagram about this panel. Tried out of curiosity but no big expectations, however, this panel is a fu*king goldmine for Instagram services! They have some services which we never saw before, but most importantly all their stuff works and does not drop. Additionally, Jason, Prince and all their team is great and responsive. In short, this Instagram SMM panel has since then been our source for Instagram services to our clients, without giving us headaches and by having less complaints – if any – from customers. Highly recommended!

Source: – Matt, owner of Today Agency

Cheap pricing, non-drop and high-quality is our mantra. Get access to our SMM Panel's Instagram solutions today.


Answering common questions regarding our Instagram SMM panel. If we didn’t answer you, drop a message to our support!1


Detailed answers.

Just like any other SMM panel, to start placing an order, you need to add funds to your account.

This can be done via a variety of options – which can all be seen within your dashboard.

Cryptocurrency and credit cards are the most frequent payment solutions used by our clients, however, you are free to choose other payment methods as well. These include Payeer, Perfect Money, Bank transfer, AdvCash, and more.

We used to have PayPal as well, however, PayPal suddenly closed our PayPal business account and decided to hold funds for 180 days. This was because selling SMM services goes against PayPal merchant policy. For this reason, unfortunately, we won’t provide PayPal payments any longer on our SMM panel. The benefits are not worth the risk.

If for any reason you are unable to deposit funds via the available payment methods (some users reported that their credit card wouldn’t work) just open a ticket and our support will find a solution.

For any payment method, additionally, we provide a bonus on deposits. This means that, in addition to the amount deposited by you, you get an additional bonus in terms of account balance.

Bonuses range from 1 to 5% depending on the selected payment method, and the information about bonus percentage is visible for each payment option.

In rare occasions (1-3% of cases) funds don’t get automatically credited to your account. This may happen due to temporary API issues or under-overpayment when using cryptocurrency. If that happens, don’t stress! Just open a ticket, provide transaction details and we will manually add funds to your account, including bonuses.

Once you have funds on your account, you can, of course, start placing order. So, let’s talk about order delivery in the next tab.

Alright, you added funds to you account, and you also placed an order.

So, what about delivery of your orders?

First, you should know that our Instagram SMM panel is automated for most of the services. At the time of writing this, more than 90% of the services are fully automated, this means that delivery will start in minutes, sometimes even seconds.

Both the time to start an order and the delivery speed of the same (for instance, how many Instagram followers per day you will get) are described in each service’s description.

Unlike other SMM panels, our start time/delivery speed information is accurate. So, to know how much time to expect before seeing growth on your Instagram post, video, or profile, simply check out the service info.

However, it is also worth noting that the mentioned delivery speed are estimates. For this reason, delivery speed may have slight variations from time to time.

In rare circumstances – for example when our servers are overly busy, a technical issue appears, or a major Instagram update is released, delivery speed can be affected more considerably.

When this happens, our team of developers always try to either fix it as soon as possible or update the description. If the change in delivery speed is considerable, we also release an update on the right menu. We do this because we know that for some clients, delivery speed for their Instagram orders is important.

Oh, and here is something cool actually. Since we own several services ourselves (not resellers!) for many services, we can increase/decrease the speed of delivery by request. Let’s say that you ordered Instagram followers, likes, comments or something else, and you’d like a different speed, that can be done by us. Just open a ticket with your order ID, and when possible, our support team will promptly adjust speed according to your requests.

Lastly, when using our Instagram SMM panel you can be confident that all our automated services will start within minutes if not seconds. If otherwise (for instance for services that required Ads approval) we state it in the description for your convenience.

We think most people love our Instagram SMM panel, however, we can’t make everybody happy. Or, sometimes people just change their mind or have no longer interest in doing marketing on their Instagram accounts.

If that happens, no hard feelings! That is absolutely understandable, and for the same reason, we provide a full refund of your pending user account balance.

To avail of refund of your balance, just open a ticket. Our balance refunds are no-questions-asked, meaning that whatever the reason is, we accommodate your request.

However, please note that refunds are issued on the same payment method used to deposit funds.

For instance, if you made a deposit using Bitcoin, our refund will be issued to your Bitcoin address. If you paid using a credit card, the refund will be issued on the same card/bank account you used to make a payment.

There are two reasons to this:

  1. Some payment methods offer us a 1-click refund solution, which therefore makes refunds easy to process. And, it automatically happens to the original payment method.
  2. It could happen that your account has been accessed by another person. To avoid scams and at the same time ensure your safety, if a refund ever happens, it goes back to the payment method used in the first place.

More information – using those legal, serious terms – can be found in our Refund policy.

And, what if an order you placed has issues, for instance the service can’t be delivered?

This may happen if the client provided a wrong URL, but also if a service has a sudden technical issue. In those cases, orders are cancelled and funds are automatically returned to your balance.

If an order got cancelled, and you are not sure why, just open a support ticket. Our support will tell you the exact reason so that you know what went wrong. 

Lastly, if your order is still running but for any reason you want to interrupt the service, this can be done. In these cases, your order will be set as “partial”, and a partial refund will be issued depending on how much was delivered until the moment the order was requested for cancellation.

Some servers also allow one-click, instant cancellation for your convenience. If you see a “cancel” button next to your order, then it can be instantly stopped at any time.

Safety and permanent (non-drops) services is a major concern when it comes to utilizing SMM panels for Instagram services.

We witnessed this ourselves when we used to run our Instagram & SMM agency back in 2014-2017, as we had to rely on external SMM panels.

We do know the importance of using SMM panels while being secure that their services won’t jeopardize your accounts or even worse, your clients’ accounts.

While we can’t provide a 100% guarantee – due to the unpredictable nature of these services and the constant updates of social media platforms – we can say that the safety of Instagram accounts is a priority for us and we also provide delivery guarantee’s to cover any potential issue.

How so? First, all the services on our SMM panel, such as Instagram followers, likes, views and comments, are closely monitored and use marketing strategies which we believe to be extremely safe.

We reach safety by either one of the below two methods – and in some cases both of them:

  1. Utillizing real people and ads to promote accounts and posts;
  2. By using complex patterns that lead to engagement, which make impossible to detect the specific boosting purpose. To make an example, this means that before/after liking your specific post, our accounts will also visit and engage other content, including content in the same niche and from influencers. 

We can also say that, for over 3 years, we never received any safety report from our clients, nor any major drop – not even after big Instagram updates.

As per guarantee, most our services come with a refill guarantee, a “just in case” guarantee. This way, if for any reason considerable drops happen, you are protected by a refill guarantee. Depending on the service, our guarantee goes from 30 days to  lifetime.


And a few more answers

Of course, feel also free to contact our support at any time for more questions, free test deposit, or partnership opportunities.

A few more common questions 👇

Are your services safe for Instagram?

Yes! Since more than 3 years, we did not receive a single complaint from our customer base - which is quite large - about accounts getting banned or even temporarily limited. And that, we believe, answers the question. As we explained in the "Safety" section, we have in place methods that make of us one of the safest Instagram SMM panels. Also, coming from an SMM agency background, we strive to produce services that have the potential to increase ranking and reach of Instagram posts/accounts. So, even on a shadow-banning side, our Instagram SMM services are safe and tested.

What services do you have?

We have all the major Instagram SMM services, such as followers, likes and comments, as well as some more specific or particular services. To name a few, Instagram mass DM (for marketing) or active Instagram followers (for organic growth). We also have automated subscriptions for Instagram accounts, meaning that each time a new post is published, high-quality engagement will be automatically sent within seconds. To check our complete service list, simply register to the Instagram SMM panel. 

Do you offer custom services?

Yes, if you require specific age/country/gender targeting, if possible, we can create a custom service for you. For VIP customers and resellers, we also create more specific custom services based on your desires and requirements. However, please note that turn-around-time to finalize a custom service may vary. For instance, if our developers have a high workload due to recent Instagram updates, it could take up to a few weeks to finalize the custom service. Custom services are created for free for resellers or users placing a large volume of orders, while new clients may have to pay a fee.

Do you have reseller discount?

Our Instagram SMM panel already boasts among the cheapest rates in the SMM industry, while providing reliable, non-drop services. For this reason, we do not provide custom rates at this moment. However, we provide transaction bonus on any type of deposit, up to 3% bonus. This means that you are getting a similar discount on our services, as you are getting more account funds than you actually paid for. Additionally, if you need to deposit large amounts, you can pay us via bank transfer, and we will up to 5% bonus, which translates to a ~5% discount. 


Our panel is made by people like you, for you, to provide reliable Instagram SMM services

Who is behind Instagram SMM Panel?

As we mentioned before, this Instagram SMM panel was launched back in 2017 by SMM agency owners who were tired of dealing with SMM panels providing services which wouldn't work as described, would drop, or, in the worst cases, trigger bans or limitations. As a result, we started our own Instagram SMM panel with a client-centric approach, and a dedication to providing "always working", reliable Instagram followers, likes, comments and so on. Prior to starting this SMM panel, Instagram marketing was one of the main offerings of our SMM agency, which allowed us to get a profound understanding of the Instagram algorithms and experience in the Instagram niche.

We currently have two developers working full time for the Instagram SMM panel, as well as trusted freelancers that occasionally collaborate with us. Our team of developers works on crafting new Instagram SMM services regularly, with the goal of creating Instagram services with 0% drops as well as able to trigger the algorithm positively. Another reason why we have our in-house team of developers, is to have full control over our services and, as a result, have the ability to closely monitor the efficiency of services and cancel or speed-up services when needed.
Also, our developers are ready to promptly fix any server or service issue that may appear.

Our Instagram SMM panel also leverages the help of partners to further enhance the SMM offering. While we strive to produce most of the services ourselves, over the years we also built strong and close relationships with other market-leading Instagram providers and developers. This comes at no extra cost to you, as we benefit from discounted rates, which remove any sort of increased cost that may come from reselling. Additionally, we also consider as "partners" the large pool of amazing, real people that we utilize for providing our 100% real Instagram packages, through apps and social media exchange platforms. 

Instagram niche experience
In-house Instagram services
Client-focused panel approach
Striving to be the best Instagram SMM panel

Who is Instagram SMM Panel for?

SMM panels who want to resell high-quality and cheap SMM services, agencies who want to provide reliable Instagram services to their clients, or ambitious Instagram users who want to grow their visibility… our Instagram SMM Panel, thanks to its merging of quality, affordability and reliability, is made for everyone.


* The Instagram SMM panel choice for countless SMM agencies!

Our Instagram SMM panels is used by several SMM agencies, who leverage our cheap yet reliable services to provide their customers with fast growth, while providing favorable pricing tiers that retain their SMM agency clients. Additionally, our automated subscriptions are great to be used on your client’s accounts, and provide an instant, fast engagement boost at any new published post on auto-pilot.

Take Instagram SMM Panel for a spin and see yourself what you can do!

Start Using Instagram SMM Panel

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Admin's message

Our Instagram SMM panel stands out as the best choice for boosting social media presence on Instagram… or the ones of your clients, if you are a reseller.

With our panel, you can easily boost your followers, likes, and comments with a low spending and with great results. Gone are the days of ordering Instagram services that drop, get cancelled or are overpriced. We do know the extreme importance of receiving a reliable service, and our team works exactly in that direction, by working hard to provide always up-to-date, working Instagram services.

Currently, me, a manager, and two developers (plus occasional freelancers) are working behind the scenes to make the best Instagram SMM panel on the planet, that any type of customer can count on, with their eyes closed. And, not to forget our support team, which reads tickets 3x per day and tries to provide a swift solution if issues or requests from our customers arise.

So, we hope you will be our next customer, and we think this will be the last instagram SMM panel you will ever try – in a good way!

With our in-house, stress-tested Instagram solutions, we can help you to easily gain more engagement on the platform or make your clients happy, and retain them longer.

Our panel offers Instagram services on a large spectrum, ensuring that you can tailor your SMM strategy to your needs and goals. For instance, we have followers of different pricing tiers, from different counties, as well as from different sources, such as 100% real people only. And as you might know, we create custom services upon request, if what you are looking for is missing.

So, regardless if you need cheap Instagram services to resell and maximize profits, or the highest-quality followers out there, you are good to go.

Overall, we prioritize the safety of our users and guarantee genuine, non-drop followers, providing you with a reliable and trustworthy Instagram SMM panel. Your instagram posts and accounts won’t risk to be removed by Instagram, nor shadow-banned. (meaning that Instagram algorithm will ghost you).

Additionally, for those who want extreme privacy, we accept cryptocurrency as a payment, offering convenience and most importantly, anonymity. In fact, you should know that our customers’ order information is never shared, and not even our support team will have access to the links of our customers’ orders, unless a support ticket is opened regarding the same.

So, see you “on the other side”, meaning within our Instagram SMM panel area. If you have any question, the easiest (and fastest) option to reach us out is within your user area ticket system.

See you there!

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